Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Weeks

Two weeks (give or take) until my due date. We got some of our "baby gear" back out and the kids are having fun putting their dolls in the swing, bouncy, and bassinet. Hope the baby has a place to sleep when she gets here:) Baby girl's room is ready, clothes are in her dresser, and mama is definitely getting ready. I have two more scheduled appointments in the next two weeks. Although it would be nice to have her a little early, I'm not banking on it. We'll see....


  1. Thinking about you and praying for a smooth delivery!

  2. i want to see the room! can't wait to meet baby girl!

  3. We have that same bouncy seat! Jimmy loved it, and Vivi does too! ;) I miss you and wish I could be near as you welcome your sweet baby.