Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have been a negligent blogger lately. Alex has been traveling a lot, and I am pretty tired in the evenings (usually when I think about blogging). We've gotten more snow this season than I can remember in a long time. Beautiful and fun to play in...and cause for a bit of cabin fever.

Playing in the snow

In the afternoon when Meredith is supposed to be "napping," she is usually putting together some kind of a unique outfit. Sometimes those rainbow striped leg warmers end up on her arms.

The three amigos

Each child seems to grow up quicker than the last. Lydia is almost 7 months. She's sitting up and playing. Her personality is really coming out, and she's quick to smile. She wants to be in the middle of the action. She's always moving, and she managed to escape her Bumbo seat the other day. Yikes!