Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Sweet Baby Girl!

We had our sonogram Monday to see if the baby was growing well and we got to find out that we are having another sweet baby girl! I was really suprised. When we started the sono I told the sonographer that I was sure we were going to have a boy. I'm not sure why I felt so strongly that way, but I had already made a list of positive things in my head either way; boy or girl. We are really excited, and she looks great. She's measuring right on everything seems to be growing and functioning the way it should. I am amazed at the miracle of life and how every little detail weaves into creating a baby. She was moving around, yawning, and waving her right arm. We even got a picture of her doing the "thumbs up" sign.

Awww....the world of sisters. I didn't grow up with a sister, so this is new territory to have two girls. My good friend said she saw wardrobe wars in our future. Probably so:) Feeling so blessed to have a son and almost two daughters. Plus, the bonus was that Alex made it home just in time from a two week trip to go with me.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Making Valentines

We took on a little project of hearts and glitters in honor of Valentine's Day. Oliver made valentines for his classmates at preschool (with a little help from Meredith). It's been snowy and cold here, so it was good to have a project to work on this afternoon. We also made sugar cookie dough so we can make heart cookies and decorate them for his class.