Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Prairie Rose

For my mom's birthday we went to The Prairie Rose (chuckwagon dinner and musical entertainment). It's about 20 minutes east of Wichita, and a great, relaxing place to go. Oliver is really into cowboys right now, so he felt right at home. During dinner they throw out bisquits. When they asked who wanted one, Oliver automatically held his hands out to catch one. Nothin' like a good biscuit. Meredith agreed....especially a biscuit with honey on top.

The kids watching an old western on the big screen and enjoying/spoiling their dinner.

Meredith was a little unsure about the whole thing...but she looked so cute in her western shirt, jeans, and boots.

I think the evening brought the cowboy back out in Pa. Oliver and Pa even roped a few stationary cows:)

We bought Oliver and Meredith hats in the gift shop to go with their Halloween cowboy costumes. More pictures to follow in October.

Oliver and a real-life cowboy.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dual Purposes

While checking on Oliver this afternoon to see if he had fallen alseep, I noticed that the laundry hamper serves dual purposes...for dirty clothes and naps! This sweet little guy can fall asleep anywhere. Reminds me of my brother.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer Time

This Summer has been filled with lots of fun; a small town festival (Oliver has his hand over his heart during the national anthem), art projects, celebrating cousin Jude's second birthday, and eating corn on the cobb from Gran's garden. The kids also enjoyed swimming more this summer, and we've played at the park and taken walks. I have loved the summer, but am getting excited now that Fall is just around the corner!