Thursday, April 8, 2010

Science Fair

This school year, Oliver and I have been attending a preschool for three year olds through Parents as Teachers. It's every Thursday morning, and it's class for the parent and child to participate in together. It's been a really good experience. Tonight was the Science Fair Expo for the preschool class. Everyone worked in partners to come up with Science projects to display. Oliver and his partner did their experiment on Matter...solids, liquids, and gases. It was fun, and Oliver was really excited to share it with everyone.

Our Little Cupcake Turns 2!

We celebrated Meredith's second birthday Easter weekend. Pa and Grammy brought over donuts the morning of her birthday, and we had her Cupcake Party with friends and family the following day. I borrowed a big cupcake pan from my sister-in-law and made the cake. My friend Cristy did the cookies...amazing looking and tasting. Mer's favorite gift was a pink and purple head lamp from Uncle Max and Aunt April. Oh, and she was kinda in to the cake too:) It was a special weekend, and we are so thankful God has blessed us with Meredith.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A post to tell you a post is coming...

All our Easter and Meredith's birthday pictures are on my mom's computer. I need transfer them to mine with my flash drive, then I'll be able to post. Not that you all are on the edge of your seats waiting...but, wanted to let you know I'll update soon.