Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This summer has been full of fun, and it's nice because Oliver and Meredith are playing so much together. Last summer, Mer wasn't quite old enough to play independently with Oliver, and it's been fun to see them interact.

They got ball caps for the sunny weather, and for evening t-ball games.

Shucking corn

Watering the flowers

Getting ready to ride his bike...I know, what's the point of all the pads when you don't have a shirt on?

Father's Day at the farm with the kids and cousin Graham.

The highlight of Oliver's summer thus far was helping Grandpa harvest the wheat on the combine. Wouldn't you know, I didn't get any pictures of him. Bummer. The combine broke, and Oliver waiting patiently all day and into the evening for the guys to get it fixed. He was covered in dirt from head to toe, and couldn't have been more happy.

Three weeks until the baby is due. We are just relaxing and enjoying the summer days. Thank goodness for air condiitioning and swimming pools.

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  1. love the halter swim suit! so cute. It's so nice when they are old enough to play together. Maybe you'll get to put your feet up and rest a little these next few weeks :) can't wait to see baby girl pics