Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oliver's 4th Birthday

Oliver's birthday is tomorrow, and his cousin Owen's birthday is Wednesday, but we had their party this weekend. They both like the movie "Cars"...surprise, what four year old boy doesn't, right? We did a Cars theme, and my sis-in-law Kelli made some amazing decor, and even sewed matching shirts for the boys. They are such good buddies.

It amazes me to look back on the past four years, and how life has changed. Oliver has been such a blessing and joy to raise. I'm thankful I'm the lucky one God chose to be his mama.


  1. So cute! Looks like another successful party, with lots of red faces to boot :) Speaking of faces, the one with Kate is too funny!

  2. oh, kate. that is classic kate for you!
    alli, the pictures are wonderful & bring an instant smile. i think you are amazing making that party happen with just 5 weeks to go until the newest little unruh is here. thanks for everything!

  3. lol Kate! hahahaha.

    you did a great job, alli! If you and kelli are still making cakes for the boys, i wonder what creations you'll make in 10 years!!

  4. looks like you have china friends :)

    Happy birthday! Love the cars theme!