Tuesday, October 13, 2009

it's just part of life...

The car was quiet tonight as the kids and I drove home from my parent's house. I even had the radio turned off because I have an ear infection and can't handle extra noise.

Out of the blue, this conversation began.

Oliver: Mommy, I need to ask you a question
Mommy: Ok
Oliver: When I was at Awana I told a little girl that she needed to share a toy with me. I told her she had to share because it's just part of life, and she said, no, it's not part of life, and I said yes it is.
Mommy: (holding in a chuckle) Well sharing is part of life, and you just need to make sure you share when you have a toy.

It's funny the things that come out of kids mouths. I know I have reasoned with Oliver more than once with the "it's just part of life" saying. I keep a list of all the funny things Oliver says...this will definitely make the list. Maybe I'll keep the radio off more often.

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  1. alli that is so sweet! you are such a good mama and he is a precious boy.