Friday, October 30, 2009


Life has so many chapters, doesn't it? As the holidays approach (which I love, because I am totally a holiday kind of girl), my mind keeps drifting back to my Grandma Ilene and remembering that this will be the first Christmas in 30 years that I haven't spent with her. I think of small things like the pink recliner she always sat in, the funny and honest stories she told, the smell of vegetable soup on the stove, and sharing with her all the bargains I got while shopping (and what each one cost). Those of you who know me, will note that the bargain apple doesn't fall far from the tree:)

I also think of my Dad, who has had to close this chapter in his life. It must feel hard and strange and surreal to lose your parents. He is a loyal and kind-hearted soul, which he got pretty honestly. I'd like to do something special and memorable for my dad this Christmas. Anyone have any ideas?

As Grandma's estate was getting settled, I received two important momentos to keep and pass on to my children. One is a black onyx ring that my grandpa gave my grandma. The other is an engraved banglet that my great-grandfather gave my great gradmother when they were dating. I have vivid pictures in my head of her wearing both.

Ah, life. Chapters open, chapters close. I am thankful God gave us a brain capable of storing memories.

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  1. i can totally relate, girl. my poor dad :( still sooooo sad. :( he really perks up when i talk about using one of gma's old blouses to make a dress for fallyn, or using some of the ostrich leather to make baby booties for the next grandkid... don't know if you have anything that could be re-purposed, but that's my idea for now.