Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Sweet Grandma

If you remember, please pray for my Grandma Ilene. She was admitted to the hospital last weekend because her lungs were filling up with fluid. She was diagnosed with colon cancer almost two years ago and opted out of treatment due to her age (she is 89). She is very fragile and weak, and I think the cancer is shutting her body down. I HATE being so far away from her. She lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I really want the chance to hold her hand and tell her good bye in person. We are very close, and Alex always jokes that I will be just like her when I am well on in my years (I take that as a compliment:) She is the last of both of our grandparents, and when she leaves this earth for heaven, there will be a big void for me. We talk every Sunday afternoon....the conversation today was hard. Thanks for praying. Here is a picture from Christmas.


  1. I will be praying for her! The couple times I was around her I really enjoyed her and her sweet spirit.

  2. praying and crying with you. I know she is so special to you. She knows, too.