Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two of my little things that mean a lot

I am really blessed to me a mom. It's a honor and a privilage to care of two little people that are learning and growing. I was talking to a good friend a while back about how interesting life is in that we end up facing so many of our fears, and coming out on the other side. Until a few years ago I really feared becoming a mom, and I had so many questions as to whether or not I would like it. The questions have more than adequately been answered..and....YES...I do love it, and feel very fullfilled. Motherhood is teaching me patience (which I desparately need), undconditional love, and unselfishness. It has also sharpened me as a person because I am realizing that every way act, talk, and respond is being observed and soaked in. What a big responsibility, but one that was given to me at just the right time for just the right reasons. Love you Oliver and Meredith!

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