Monday, June 13, 2011

This Old House

My sweet old house, our time is drawing nigh...
how I've loved sharing life with you
these past nine years.

Lots of memories.

Three kids, a dog, and a whole lot of repairs later,
we are parting ways.
Don't worry, your new owners have three kids too,
and they're excited to get to know you.

We'll drive by you often, and wave...
and hope your new owners treat you right.

Nothin' like you, old house. Here's hoping change
is easier for you, than it is for this old girl.



  1. Dear Blue,

    Thank you for taking me in during all those car dealership lunch breaks...feeding me...keeping me sane.

    Thank you for throwing me a fabulous 30th birthday party complete with an Elvis pinata.

    Thank you for welcoming me in so many times from Arkansas, Chicago, Newton, and Denver.

    Thank you for keeping 5 of my favorite people + Daisy for all these years.

    xo, Karm

    P.S. Your red door is my favorite.

  2. How sweet Alli, you sentimental old fool :)

  3. love that house! I remember that I got to see it when we were driving through on our way to CO many years ago..8? Will the next place be an older home?

  4. Going a little newer this time, but love the character of the old:)

  5. Love your sentimental tribute to the loyal blue beauty...I'll miss having an Unruh wave to welcome me as I turn the corner home. And, most of all, I'll miss tossing my PBR cans into your yard. :)