Friday, May 7, 2010

Pregnancy, Trampolines, and Awana

How's that for three random things?

I have reached the 31 week mark with our sweet baby. I am feeling pretty good most days, but getting bigger by the minute and less mobile. I'm thankful for a healthy pregnancy, and that everything is looking good thus far. Oliver and Meredith are getting really excited, and like to kiss the my tummy and talk to her. She will definitely know their voices.

Oliver got a trampoline for his 4th birthday (a little early, so the kids could start enjoying it during this beautiful weather). Both kids have had a blast on it, and they are exhausted by evening. It's a fun thing to share with friends too.

Awana ended for this year, and the last picture is of awards night.


  1. Alli, you look great! Miss you!

  2. yep, i agree. you look great! and meredith IS getting big.

  3. Alli~you look great!! Your kids are getting so big:) Have a great night! -laura

  4. You look wonderful, honey, and Oliver looks so sweet in his little vest. Awana is a great program!

  5. You look stinkin awesome! Can't believe it's already 31 excited for this new adventure for you. You're going to do GREAT. Happy Mother's Day, sweet little mama.