Monday, May 31, 2010


The past eight months have been an adjustment for our family. Many of you know that Alex was transferred to the International Flight Department at work. He has been traveling on and off since last October, both overseas and in the states. His international trips usually take about two weeks to complete. With him being gone, there have been some tough and lonely times, but it has also helped me put life into perspective. This shift in schedule has definitely made us value family time. It's probably been good for me learn to not be such a planner, and be more flexible. Alex is such a good daddy and husband, and always takes time when he's home to be totally "home."

The last two weeks he hasn't had a trip for work, so he's been back at production test working pretty normal hours. The word margin comes to mind, becuase I have had actually had some in my life while he's been home. I didn't realize what a juggling act the last months have been until we have had some down time.

I'm feeling really blessed and thankful. Thankful for our new baby who will be here in less than six weeks, thankful for my friends and family, thankful for a gift certificate to get a pedicure, and thankful for health and life. Margin...ahhhh, it feels good. I will try to soak it in these last weeks before our family of four turns into a family of five. Alex starts traveling again in September, but for now, one day at a time.

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