Friday, May 15, 2009


I have never met two kids more into their "special blankies" than these two. Their Gran made them each a blanket with silk around the edges when they were born. When they have their blankies, thumbs automatically go into mouths and all crying ceases. The blankies were in the hallway this morning. When I came around the corner they were both laying on the rug relaxing. I'm ashamed to say that I finally got rid of my special blankie when I got married (and I've finally quit sucking my thumb too :)


  1. uh oh. i still have mine. and it still makes the tears stop so i guess that's ok right? no shame here!

  2. He asked for his blankie on Sunday! How cute. They were sure upset for a while, but he and Owen took right up to Rachel Thrash and she was able to keep them happy. Glad you had a fun birthday party with your family!