Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Denver Reunion

Last weekend, three of my best friends from college and I met in Denver for a girl's weekend. The four of us haven't been together for way too long, but like it always is with good friends, it was like we were never apart. Tera, Hollie, and I flew in Friday night and spent the weekend at Karmen's place (thanks for letting us invade for the weekend, Karm). We ate delicious food, laughed, talked, prayed, shopped, and relaxed. Notice sleeping in wasn't on that list...cause I brought Lydia:) Actually, she was a joy to have with us, just an early riser.

I became friends with these three girls my sophomore year of college. Theirs are the kind of friendships that changed my life for the better then, and continue to now. Love you girls!

Some things never change.

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  1. lol, nice tera! looks like fun. you all have something pretty amazing! :)