Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 13

Today marks day 13 of Alex being gone. We are definitely ready for him to be home. You could say this week has been "interesting." Monday morning the kids and I went out to the garage to get in the car for a play date. I opened the door to start the car and saw the the passenger's side window was shattered. The car was in the garage with no sign of breaking and entering and nothing was taken. Thankfully, I don't think it was a break in. Probably just a random, "I'm on my own with three kids, of course the window decides to break into small pieces" thing. We all went back inside, I called around and found a place that could get us in immediately to fix it. We drove there (luckily it was close)with glass continuing to crack and fall inside and out of the car. What a sight in the waiting room...four dum-dums, two waters, two trips to the bathroom,one t.v. that got every channel but a kids one, and $135 later, the window was fixed and we were on our way.

Then yesterday as I was walking up the steps to our house with Lydia in my arms, I tripped. Fortunately, I caught Lydia and shielded her fall only to cut open elbow and hurt my knee. The Meredith laughed, which added a little insult to injury. At least the baby wasn't hurt. Yep, it was totally one of those falls when I looked behind me to see if anyone saw how graceful it looked.

So yes, I am ready to do the two parent thing again.


  1. You poor thing! I wish I was closer, so I could pitch in :(

  2. If Blogger had a dislike button I would click it! Hope the rest of his time away goes better for you.

  3. You're managing so well on your own! Sorry about the spill. I took a really cute pic of Oliver and Sophie, I'll have to send it to you.

  4. My experience with being a "single" mom was that if something was going to break, or the power go out, the car have a flat, the ice storm of the century occur, a giant tree would fall down and block the drive...whatever...never failed... it was going to happen when Tony was gone. Very challenging indeed. You can do this, honey, of all people, I know you can. xoxo